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Suprisingly, there was not much speculation and brouhaha over vivek paul(former CEO of Wipro) quitting wipro for Texas systems as was witnessed when tremors over the ambani empire broke out.Wipro's stock seems quite secure ...unlike Reliance,where the share prices were affected when the rumours of a "power battle" between the ambanis was to follow. This is probably because the Majority of wipro's stocks (well above 80 percent ) is held by Azim Premji , the Promoter.

So how much would that news actually impact India ,rather than just impact Wipro ? I personally believe that these high honchos who ultimately resign for greener pastures are doing India's GDP a great favour by moving out of the big profile companies and joining smaller ones or venture into starting newer ones. How ? one may ask.... well it's just that these people (say for example ...Vivek paul ) steer the company they head to a level from where they can hand over the reigns to their juniors who can mange the show without much difficulty,as the only thing required from the people who take over would be to follow the exisiting structure in a disciplined form...It is because there are such highly enthusiastic people ....that one finds that people tend to shift over companies,as they realise that intellectually not much requires to be achieved , after framing and implementing the core business or logic.

With WIPRO an estabilished Brand, there probably seems lesser challenges for Vivek paul ,so to fuel his thirst for dynamic challenges ,he feels a change to a smaller/different nature of business
would provide him a situation to start all over again. Thus he starts or helps another smaller company to scale over their existing levels.

A sinilar case is Phaneesh Murthy,former Infosys head of US operations ...who now has leverages all his kowledge and experience at Infosys , now by heading I-gate Global solutions.

So the next time u read a headline saying some high profile honcho has quit a big company, it may be the company's loss , but is India's gain .... if the larger scheme of things are looked at.


Nuances said...

Vivek Paul's exit was a sort of expected one when you see it from the lines of Jerry Rao. We can expect more in future too. I remember having read in Thomas Friedman's The world is flat that
the playfields are levelled and
indians players have become global
on a large scale.
Vivek Pauls new assignment in Texas Pacific investments is going to create another milestone and enthuse more leaders to take such leads


Kaps said...

Vivek Paul is joining Texas Pacific Group. It is not right to compare Ambani feud with Vivek Paul's resignation. In the case of Ambani feud, both of them are fighting for their share of the dad's business. In the case of Wipro, Vivek Paul is a professional CEO / Vice Chairman. It is not his family business.

Wipro stock is more volatile as the liquidity of the stock is very low. Permji holds 84% and the rest is held by the public. the more the number of shares, the lesser the volatility. So although the Wipro stock was secure, it can generally be more volatile than similar stocks.

Slice Of Life said...

I watched his walk the talk programme with shekar gupta in NDTV somemonths ago
quite an interesting man

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