Holiday !

I am waiting to go one one ....am really bored sitting up at home ,or coding in office....as life seems to have become mundane ... I desperatley need to sit down and ask myself..what i intend to do with the rest of my life.Life kinda seems boring .. I see that i have stopped some of my hobbies and interests in pursuit of other " feline material comforts" ,though in vain ... just need to do a recheck on life and get back to enjoying life as i did while in college.

Heard that Kiruba is organizing the "n"th blogger meet ...and I shall be attending one after quite a while considering my last one was some time last year at the beach.


Deepa said...

Feline maerial comforts :)...thats a new one...how was the poonai and all ?

Docs Dope said...

Docs Dope will be there in Chennai Bloggers Meet to expose Kiruba's MIS deeds.

Kiruba, Anon has mailed me all the "gory" details of yor perverted acts.

Keep a watch for me...
-Docs Dope

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