DIL CHAHTA HAIN meets Nagesh Kukunoor...meets BLACK

such an eclectic amalgamation is what " 5 point some one "written by chetan bhagat is all about ..I simply loved reading that book ...brought me memories of my college days... (minus neha though :-( )

Even though I have picked up the book a year late .... such works are timeless one's ...as i love stories that cater to the "guy-next door " feeling and talk about the subtleness of feelings . That book has kept me occupied for the last 2 days and I am all set to devour anoter one ..but on B school lines ..its called MBA (Mediocre but arrogant !!) ..by abhijit bhaduri ... tonight

I had attended the blogger meet last sunday and it was a sense of deja vu ..meeting new persons and with the fact that one had id cards printed .it was easier to din into the minds of the bloggers my url .... and also met quite a few old friends ... Amethyst seems to have a lovely setting and kudos to Kiruba for having selected that place .. I guess blogger meets have now come a long way ....from the first official blogger meet that was held in 2002 and I was a part of the 6 people who met ...read more about that here.


Dileepan said...

Hey KK,

Recently, I happened to write an article on Sachin Tendulkar and his game since his comeback. Thought you might be interested. Check out http://panvista.blogspot.com when you find time.

Kiranraj said...

hey man ... i too read " five point something " by chetan bhagat recently .. same in my case still trying to find atleast one NEHA in my life ... but at chennai its very difficult .. hey read "one night at call centre " by the same author.. its too good

Kiranraj said...

hey man... i too read "five point something" by chetan bhagat recently.. same in my case no NEHA yet in my life .. trying to find atleast one NEHA at chennai .. but seems to be impossible... read "one night at call centre " by the same author its also very good

S.L.Aishwariya Laxmi said...

Hey, I attended the blogger's meet, too. Guess I missed seeing you there. I just read your latest post and found it insightful and accurate.

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