Kartik C headache B fever 6(8)

The past 6 days have been quite puzzling, in the sense that both headache and fever have played truant with my health for an all important week, and show no signs of abating.A local doctor initially called it normal fever, then some one else said viral fever, and I actually dont know whom to belive. If the fever abates the headache doesnt, and a slight increase in headache starts to trigger the fever. I was feeling better on tuesday, but a trip out to ashok nagar in the evening chill(I know Chennai aint all that chill, but ...) seemed to have worked inimically against me.

Lying in the bed whole day long, seems actually pretty boring, as it makes me even lazier.It'a yucky phase of life that must be endured till a solution is found.Some time back,when I was studying my final year of engineering, similar bouts of uneasiness came by, with excessive stomach ache and headaches as symptoms.After a year and 6 doctors whom I consulted, I finally found the right doctor in Mr Rajkumar of Lifeline Clinic,Adayar, who diagnosed my problem as Tubercolosis of the colon,and I had to endure a rather painful laser operation which put me off for about three drugged months.

I am a little hesitant to move anywhere outside as the chillness in the air seems to affect me immideately and the last thing I would want is a headache while writing the all important CAT exam in a matter of 40 hours from now. I just hope I find the right doctor who is able to isolate the problem and free me from this tyranny of a headache, which makes me so paralysed, that I cant even bend my head down.

Hoping to get better...


I hear India has just lost a warm up game in Benoni. I think the team needs a dose of inspiration from Sandy Gordon, to psyche them up for the series that is getting under way in some time.The team is totally a pale shadow of what it was 9 months back after back to back series victories against England and Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

dei kannu...get well soon..this time u should make it...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Take care of your health. Very important.

My 2Cents: go back to the same doctor who diagnosed and operated you for Stomach TB. Check to see if it has been fixed for good. Don't wait.!! Do it ASAP.

Take care!

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks for your kind comment Mr Narayan.

I do plan to see the doc tommorow as I am fearing that this may be something more serious than what the local doctor has said.



Kiwilakhs said...

Hey Kartik Kannan - well met, fellow VMite. I am really and truly your senior, but what's a few years between VM alumni, right?
Are you going for this Dec 25 get-together? Came across your blog from Dinesh's. Cheers

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