Cricket World Cup Special

I have started a new Blog on Cricket. It basically contains my podcasts of cricket matches. I am starting with the World Cup. I have always thought of being a cricket commentator, but have never worked towards it. When I met Harsha Bhogle last year at a quiz, and asked him what I need to do, to get started, he advised me on recording my voice and hearing it, and if possible start with some Radio station as a part time jockey. Now which radio would want to hear a fresher, with no experience? I dont chat, nor do I engage in glib talking, there must be some way of living a surrogate cricket commentators life. Thats when I decided to entertain myself and showcase my interests via a blog. I decided to podcast my small modules of commentary and broadcast it via You tube. I have taken the video from my Cell Phone(Sony Erricsson w550i) and transfer it via bluetooth to my laptop, and upload it through youtube. Sounds interesting to get my hands dirty on this. Do keep checking the cricket blog regularly, and offer your comments,advice on my voice.I will be glad to have some feedback on this new hobby.


Anand John said...

iam a cricket freak n ur write ups about the matches r very interesting. i came to know about u when u came recently to my coll in tambaram for a seminar.

Anonymous said...


Listened to your attempt at cricket commentary, OK for a beginner, but you seem to be focussing more on uttering the right words then letting your imagination and passion as a cricket fan drive your communication. It is ok for starters in getting the general commentary lingo but you need to let your inner communication take over.
Best Wishes,
Arun Annamalai

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks Anand John. It was truly a great experience speaking at your place. Did we meet up after the event?

Kartik Kannan said...

Dear Arun

Thanks for your honest feedback.I did somewhat feel,that I was being repetitive and sticking on to familar cricketing lingo.I will keep your feedback in mind, when I do the commentary tonight.

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