Why Use Gmail?

I just happened to see this ad on Jammy's Blog. It's a rather simple ad, that lucidly explains why GMAIL rocks. Contrast this with the ad that Yahoo had, of a glitzy lady making you feel that Yahoo email comes with a pot of Gold-and-is-sexy kind of an advertisement. Such similar simple ads have done very well, in the past for brands like Amaron Batteries, and seem to connect with the user much better.

I am not criticisingYahoo's attempt, but just bowled over by the simplicity of the advertisement shown on Youtube.


Swetha said...

I really like the simplicity of the add. Instead of hiring actors to do the advertisement, it makes more sense to make the people who built the product advertise. Cool find Kartik!

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks for passing by Swetha:-)

vinu shankar said...

Good one!

How to add youtube to my weblog?
BTW, why don't you provide link to my website? uhh?

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