Bangalored for a Month

I am now in Bangalore, doing my internship at Reach Technologies. I joined a little late, by a couple of days, due to some health problems. As soon as the Rajahamsa bus landed at KG bus stand near Majestic at 5 am today, it brought back a few memories. Exactly 3 years back, I came to bangalore on this very day, to join Infosys. I was also not keeping well then, recovering partially from TB of the colon.My classmates, interning at Reach Tech, were staying in a house in BTM Layout, and when i boarded the local bus from Majestic to BTM, memories came back like a flashback in a movie.

The Local bus stand was still the same, in the sense that al the buses had routes written in Kannada, and the bus stand had all routes and numbers in Kannada. All I did, was go around like a mute idiot, uttering BTM BTM, and some sane person led me to platform 13. Then 45 minutes later, I was deposited near the BTM layout bus stand, exactly where I was living 3 years back. Priya bakery, the samsung and sony shop, advaita petrol pump on 16th main and Udupi gardens...everything was there, without an iota of change. My friend picked me up and drove me to his place at 7 am and all i did was snooze for three hours after which I got ready for the walk to my office. My office is located just off Bannerghata Road.

Work life is said to be hectic here, and I am only waiting for a free sunday, to sneak in a short in-a-day holiday to break away from the malls/crowds and the cubicles.I need to make a few critical decisions about certain things in my life that I am passionate about.I am at this juncture of life, where I am 50% done with my MBA, and need to decide which companies to I decide to apply for placement and which sector do I want to apply.I am slightly tired of working for these conventional services company, where I dont see my work adding value to the company, so might not join a 50,000 stregth company. It would be interesting to see how things pan out during the internship here at Bangalore.


Srinidhi said...

Hey Kartik.. Welcome 2 bang (or shud I say welcome back 2 bang). Good luck wid ur Interns man :)

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks Sreenidhi.

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