B School Love

Came across this article on Rediff. Good read and pretty much bang on, and loved the finishing line which had Shaadi.com starting a service for B schoolers to marry. Call that a Niche- high value- big deal- segment for Shaadi.com, if it kicks off well. I have seen many couples on my campus and I perfectly agree, how B schools act as a perfect ground for romance to breed, given the togetherness in so many tasks and events. Study groups offer a great chance to get closer with the opposite sex, and explore the person inside out. Though engineering offers 4 years of bonding, the maturity levels of the B schooler are a tad better and there is more stress at a B school, than a T school, so more oppurtunities of chilling out.

I am a little starved for time, will delve deeper on this when I get some time.

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