Lovely Drive!

I rented a car out and went on a drive, yesterday between San Jose and Monetery, with a stop at Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful drive, and I am in deep awe for the engineering marvel that the American highways are! I havent been too descriptive of my trips on my blog, due to the lack of time on this trip. I've been trashing the photos to Facebook as its been easier that way. But, I guess I enjoy posting it to my blog more than Facebook, and I should take the time out to do this later this week. I've managed a few trips, since I came here. I've been to Lake Tahoe(official trip), San Francisco(walking between Fisherman's Wharf and Baker Beach), Mystery House-Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Beach and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I've also been wanting to speak to some friends who live in San Jose, but havent been able to do so because of not making enough time. I should be reaching out to every one of them this week.


Anonymous said...


You are just another USELESS engineer from India. You think you know the whole world and your blog is doing some sort of service to all its readers.

You are just another self obsessed, attention seeking assole that can be as irritating as a rats sperm.

I have seen your "Make me sports show host" video and let me tell you - I will commit suicide or break my tv if you ever get on tv.

You are TOO UGLY to be on TV. Get over it. Go suck on some curd rice. You brahmin Beyyatch.

Kartik Kannan said...

Dear Spineless Anonymous commenter

Thanks for your opinion, I dont subscribe to most of what you say, and I sure wont be deterred to do what I want because of your negative comment :-)

chill, why so much negativity? go take a break...

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