Baby Shower!

I had been to a Baby shower party today at work. It was a lot of work by the organising team in arranging decorations and planning the event by inviting and reminding everyone, but somewhere the cynical me, thought it was boring. Nothing against the party, but in a corporate setting, it somewhere loses its sheen of a nice get-together. I felt sorry for the organiser, who spent a lot of her busy time in trying to get this done by doing all the coordination. I hear she is the party organiser for most of the parties at work. Just shows the importance of passion over coming all other hurdles. Wish I get to that state. A lot of my passion for doing a bunch of things are in semi dormant state, due to the demands of corporate and family life. So the not-so-interesting thing was the dull event, but the thing that shone like a diamond was the lady's attitude in continuing with the festivities and planning games for people who had assembled there. I admire her passion for doing things inspite of a busy schedule. That's the way to livev life. One lesson for life learnt!


saranya said...

Hey, I am Janani's friend Saranya... Hope, you have heard about me.. I am trying to catch Janani online since yesterday but have not been able to.. I just saw that you had commented on my blog, www.esotersara.blogspot.com on December 2004. I had blogged about a movie I saw (Swadesh) with your wife.. Dont you feel its a small world? And tell your wife about this...;) Hope you are having fun in US!!!!

Kartik Kannan said...

Hi Saranya, I have heard about you. I guess two of her friends have similar names. Either you are the friend who is at Oklahama or at San Jose. Am i close enough?

I shall pass it on to Janani. She wont be online, as the computer at home has some virus, so she can only check email through her phone.

I've had a good time so far in the US. Thanks

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