Dont Drop MSD

The Indian cricket team's performance has been a rude shock, that was long coming. This was required for the men in blue to remind them that there are areas in their armoury which has a gaping chink, and such chinks need to be corrected if they need to win the war over the long term. Australia have been a succesful side, because they objectively looked at the areas they were not doing well, and strove to become better. Australia a few years back, had been accused of choking in the newer formats of the ICC Champions trophy and the T20 World cups. They won the champions trophy in 2006 and 2009 and have looked the side to beat in this edition of the T20 world cup.India need to use this oppurtunity to iron out the flabs and go ahead in picking themselves up. I dont quite think, relieving Dhoni of the captaincy is going to solve a lot of issues. He has had a great run as a captain and has done justice to the role by having a stupendous 60% winning ratio in tests and one dayers. The T20 bit is where India need to pull up their socks, and have horses for the courses. What India missed in both the T20 world cups are batsmen with some technique who could settle down and handle the bowling. Their approach to playing the bowling was the suicidal bit which let them down. If the selectors do decide to do away with Dhoni and bring in Sehwag to lead, it would be a reactive and retrograde step.


Jayded said...

My thoughts exactly!!!...
IMHO, T20 is way too short a format to judge whether a team/captain is good or not. For example, if KKR had made it to the semis this year (by some stroke of luck, gods grace or whatever), i wouldnt write them off to reach the finals or even win.

Its a beautiful platform for a betting syndicate to actually make money... So pardon me as I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to the game.

Kartik Kannan said...

True, it's a lottery in a 20 over format.

Venkat said...

I humbly request you to verify if nation/republic/country of India has a cricket team.
As far as i can verify, I see that BCCI is a private "charitable" society, head quartered at chennai, registered under Tamilnadu societies act.


Sukhdeepak said...

Yes they must win the match.

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