well i am back after taking a brief sabbatical from cyberspace.well seems like i have made myself really busy for the weeks to come loaded with all kinds of technical funda coz i am into doing a couple of paper presentations and of course a mini project. quizzing too will be on the agenda as i feel this is something which is very interesting , which propels me to dig my foot deeper feeling for potholes along the path of knowledge . but too much of work at home after college has it's own side effects which of course is "zzzzzzzzzzzzing" while class is going on !!!!!.as far as the questions are concerned on my site everyweek here are a couple of questions

Question 6 :
Who/What in cricket is ' Rent-a-Waggon ' ?

And the answer is ... Nick-name of S.Venkataraghavan.

In cricket what is/was 'Operation Chessmatch' ?

And the answer is ... It was the name given to the highly secretive
build-up of the tour of South Afri-ca by rebel England cricketers
while still on tour in India in 1981-82.

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