It was 4 years back in school( vidya mandir ) where I was ask to pen my signature on a huge sheet of paper along with my fellow mates. The reason„³ India at that point of time owed a huge loan to the world bank and the signature campaign by students was to literally plead with world bank to let India wash it¡¦s hands off on the loan as India could not pay it back . what occurred to me was that even if world bank did let India off the hook would it teach India a lesson to manage it¡¦s finances better and cure it of it¡¦s obduracy towards managing money. What we immediately needed at that stage was a surgical operation ( in our government) to inject a new lease of life to rejuvenate india¡¦s finances ! ! .
4 years have passed and tables have turned . recently the XEROX revelations have once again opened a can of worms on corruption in business and government.
It has come out as a clean photocopy , only the contents are smudged ! ! ! ENRON,WORLDCOM(owes VSNL 500 million , and that¡¦s my excuse for choosing dishnetdsl over vsnl ! ! ) and XEROX are falling of as the proverbial nine pins stung by allegations of rampant accounting malpractices and accounts .
The latest stinging revolutions by XEROX corporations that the company had made ¡§improper payments¡¨to the tune of 3.5 crores to bag government contracts clearly indicates that there are more worms in the can than one thought of ! ! ! . a more detailed analysis of the scams in a couple of days after I get more info on the subject.

Well India sure have made the the transition from defaulters to lenders , but would this set the cash ringers ringing and make our coffers full , only time will say.

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