regd my amazon adventure in my previous blog , my area MADIPAKKAM and Velachery are totally submerged and full of floods all due to the reversal of a small lake's flow towards our direction . the water level from 2 feet has now gone down to a few inches ( thankfully) . since i couldnt stay put in this wretched place without current , i had to make a small shift in the dead of the night( 4 30 am) from my place to my cousin's . i had to wade thru dirty water for abt 2 kms as all the bus and auto services inside madipkkam were suspended . got an auto some time later and went to central along with dad , only to see that my mother had arrived an hour before and was waiting for us since 5 ( we reached at 6) . after that i went over to the suburban section and took a train to perambur .

phew !! just cut a long story short!! .

today is DIWALI and the mood was pretty high in the morning in tide with the explosions generated by the crackers . well now i know what it is to feel like staying in in a place like Iran or Kashmir as the blasts that u can hear from every corner of the city are a daily realistic phenomenen in such places . ok enough of rambling , gotto go and have a 2nd session with the crackers ! !

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