well madipakkam dosent get any better , with the rains , it's back to square 1 with the rain water upto 1/2 my car tyres in the ground floor . now where am i gonna retreat to ?????? i cant stay here coz i feel really bored and restless . i've been COUCHPOTATOing for the past week and my brain is totally drained of what was there inside . i cant go out to buy some snacks nor can i go to any VCD shop to kill time ... well life is sickening to say the least .

my only escapade from these rains in this holidays has been my prescence at my friend achut's sisters wedding . there i met up with some of my classmates and and some of his and we boys had a nice time there ! ! ! . but all that lasted only for a couple of hours as it was getting late and i had to return home .
some of myclassmates have scheduled a meeting( inspired by me of course) tommorow regd our symposium , which i gotta attend , but the state of water here is alarming . the only i can attend that is to go bottom less( like topless ! ! !) coz i have to wad thru all that thigh deep water ( just jokin !).

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