Well , I’ve decided to sanyas from any participation in events at college , so I guess this is the last time u will see me brooding and washing my dirty linen on cyberspace .every thing is magnified and is so bloody false , totally devoid of quality , whenever it comes to any event at college. The girls ( sorry!!! That’s what the certificates and ID cards recognize them as that class of species on earth) who participated in the partnership summit , literally are the object of this blog . each one , rather than focusing on the topic were focusing on putting a century of “vels” and “rangarajans” (sponsored my Microsoft powerpoint ) and were an absolute zero , when it came to the topic and understanding .

FRUSTRATION – this is the one word I can use to describe my curent state of affairs . yesterday the 1st of February , spelt disaster in many ways than 1 . we( myself,kishore,prasanna,aanand) were supposed to make a presentation on the PARTNERSHIP summit we recently attended in Hyderabad.
We started working on this from the 28th evening(jan) by going to vishwa’s place , staying there uptil 1 am and working with him on his”workstation” ( if I could call it). We literally worked 2 nights without proper sleep , in the meelee of driving down the old mahabalipuram road at 10 the previous night just to “ burn”(CD-WRITING) our presentation cd at nirenjan’s place , typing the report in the middle of the night and of course having improper eating times. I was home alone for the past 2 days , so I couldn’t serve the guys any hot food , and we had to literally do with whatever was available .

We had reviewed so much of material on google apart from the papers and the papers were strewn about the place . we were literally like maniacs working throughout the night so to make our presentation the best by a long margin , with even my computer showing it was mad as the cabinet was open for 2 days with the wires all bunched like noodles( to facilitate swapping of disks .

As the day started , we found out that our chairman , who was to arrive that didn’t come in the morning and the judge for this happened to be a lecturer called kartik( the guy doesn’t even know how to create an e-mail address) who was so thrilled by seeing a color screen (powerpoint in our language ) that he awarded high marks whenever he saw color slides and he never paid heed to what the speakers spoke and some of the speakers manually read what was there on the slides.

Our presentation consisted of an intro –more of an appetizer , done in 3DSMAX , which seemingly required large processing power , RAM hungry and wouldn’t condescend below 128 mb ram on a good p3 .The comp given in the audi was a rotten P3 with 64 mb of ram . our video presentation become a doubly slow slide show and that robbed 4 minutes of our speaking time . aanand gave a shaky but acceptable intro , but this was just the tip of the ice berg . kishore started of with his speech in a rather tense tone and just couldn’t live up to the pressure and it looked as if his brain had locked his mouth from opening and speaking . he was speechless for about 20 seconds and I guess those were signs of tension due to competition , but I guess with a litlle bit more exposure to speaking at quality events both aanand and kishore can acquit themselves much better than what happened yesterday ( TECHNICALLY speaking it takes some time before the “potential” energy is converted to “kinetic” energy .I’ve been in such positions before at school in my 6th and 7th standards where my legs would shake whenever I go on the mike before a crowd . the tension is apparently , what the audience will think of me ? am I going in the right direction ? these doubts tend to strike out whatever bits of confidence one has and yesterday’s mishap can probably be attributed to that fact that the chairman was not present to see our presentation and our INTRO didn’t work on the rotten P3.

Soon sensing the situation worsening I did a CTRL-ALT-DEL operation and asked kishore to come back to his seat midway thru his silence and I started the presentation on his behalf and also mine . just to” rub salt on the wounds already afflicted” the guy in charge of changing slides forgot to change the slides and out of the seven slides I had only 1 was shown .(WAY 2 GO!!!!). Prasanna came and spoke pretty well , even though one could see him stammering once or twice . I was waiting for our misery on stage to end .

The only consolation came later in the day when the chairman announced reimbursements to only 25 candidates out of the 120 who attended, keeping in view of whomsoever who spoke well on stage and made a good report and so rs 600 was credited in prassana’s and my account .

I’ve learnt a lot from this mishap .

1 I SHOULD NEVER COMPETE IN VEL-INTRA EVENTS AND SPOIL MY STANDARD AND MOOD ,but I would definitely attend all possible seminars conducted by the CII(Confederation of Indian Industries ) as it gives a lot of Ibndustry level interaction with many business honchos and u get a glimpse of the ethos that drive the companies .

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