yesterday we had been to SRIRAM ENGG college in VEPPAMPATTU (along the bangalore railway line track). people here redefined what a symposium is and how it can be conducted as at 9 am there was no one at the registration desk, we were the only soul’s in the auditorium.they had a rotten , blaring audio set playing all the “GAANA” tamil songs , making me wonder whether this was a symposium or a tea shop, and this cacophony continued till 11 am .

then at 11 the prelims started (thankfully) in the dungeon like rooms . we had a nice easy prelims where we scored 18.5 points out of 25 , being the second in the prelims. I surprisingly didn’t qualify /win in the other events like mock interview, poster design ….

The quiz finals was very well conducted , as the questions were very innovative . we were leading the quiz throughout but one round and 1 question spoilt all that and the tables turned , with the IT DEPT TEAM (vel tech) of lokesh , lakshmi narayanan and saravana kumar gaining the edge over us in the final tally by coming 2nd with 55 to our’s
(3rd with 45 points) . as far as poster design was concerned , I after seeing the parallel posters being designed by other contestants, felt we would win by an astounding margin , but the judges thought otberwise …………

well over all a bad day as CSE dept of our coll was thumped 3-0 by IT dept (our coll) .
it feels as if Tendulkar( me!!!!) was given a bad decision against Pakistan(IT) when India(CSE) we were definitely toasting to victory , except in c-debugging .

the most comical part of the evening being that only 30 students ( all from sriram coll) remained in their auditorium , as none of the participants , sans 1 or 2 stayed for the valedictory function.

So I guess from now I shall hang up my boots when it comes to participation at known B-grade colleges as the atmosphere is just not stimulating and secondly exists the possibility of the results of events being fixed .

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nature said...

Boy!! Makes a good read after half a decade! Doesn't it? :)

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