just as my friends ashish and kishore do i 've decided to jot down my experiences in hunting for a project .
It All started at ISG , where they do not offer student projects and the same at some unknown company . We are writing a test in a company at nungambakkam(name with held due to intense project competition !!!!) and today we landed up at tidel park.

last week 6 of my classmates(without me ) went to tidel only to be chucked out at the entrance itself , today we managed to improve by crossing one hurdle . that being the entrance . unless and until u know somebody inside , life is hell at tidel coz , each company has it's own security mechanism and see's guys like us , unwanted elements.

one cant even go into the lift as one has to clear a security zone ,which can be crossed only if u happen to have the company's swipe card and access card. lucliky we managed to go into sify , who asked us to come on friday .

but the only thing that went off well was our (myself,achut and joshi) lunch at the food court centre in pizza corner outlet at tidel , ground floor . we had a cheese pizza each and that kept our hopes alive of getting a project here. all the companies are ready to give a project as long u dont expect them to give u a place and computers to do it on.
their motto seems to be :DO WHAT U WANNA DO WITH OUR NAME ON IT (at home obviously), BUT GIVE UP ON THE IDEA OF DOING IT HERE.

Well , beggars are nor choosers and i guess , we've gotta be happy with whatever we get . lemme hope every thing goes well on friday .

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