There comes some point in life which may be called the "INFLEXION POINT" at a time when changes are rapid and newer techniques for success are called for .Life beyond the inflexion point may be either 10 times more rewarding or 10 times worse the current state. people who accept that times are changed and they need to reinvent themselves generally sail past the problematic "inflexion point " and the other's struggle to keep afloat , start to straggle and soon become a part of history . I thought this could just be a theory applicable to only companies , but realized that the student comunity offers more challenges while competing at that level .

well take for instance the CAT exam , every time I take a mock CAT I realize that my methods of solving a problem or practicing vocabulary are obselete by IIM standards ! ! ! and the national wise ranking would seem to suggest that my straggle is worth a serious look . It is during these times of tumult one has to keep courage and slowly but steadily reinvent strategies that are used in solving problems . at the end of the day , the guy who has succeeded , probably showed a little more grit in hanging there for a longer time with failures and raising the bar when it mattered .

One discovers all these thoughts only after a severe self reprimand when one sits down to do a logical analysyis of where the activities in life are taking him . All thats been said above is not by me , but my other half( not the better one ! ! !) my concience .

I find that currently i may hardly be a force to reckon with when it comes to tackling the combo of THE FAMOUS 6 (QUANTS,DS,DI,RC,VOCABS,LR ), but i've gotta go and sharpen my axe before i can slay the demon called CAT ! ! !

PS: till such time i slay the CAT , i have to get past the two smaller demons (but costlier by 1200 % than the CAT) , called the GRE and the TOEFL enroute to the CAT.

any of u people who are down and out preparing for these entrance exams , can share their current state of affairs with me and on this sobby article .

till then

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