Kareena kappor's latest quote went like this " I have only 2 friends, one is god and the other is Sooraj barjatya( the maker of MPKDH) . I cant help thinking in a similar vein as i keep fretting over something called a CAT exam on my blog. CAT seems to be my best friend and biggest enemy ( mock cat 1 !!!!) . A few days of sustained hardwork , i guess would drive away the CAT blues. (easier said than done) .

These days I am feeling empty at college , as no tech symposium posters are on the notice board . I am waiting for some respite from the drudgery of school ... err.... College.

Life is really moving at a frentic pace , thanx to the email revolution and the Bschool revolution as day by day , i keep seeing the voluminous mail i get from the CAT groups saying 3 hrs a day study , is not enough !!!( one struglles to make 2 hrs a day here) . I notice 1 thing for sure, this competition is either going to elavate me to the zenith of something called success or I may have to take to alms !!!!! in front of some "PERIYA KOIL".having only CAT in mind is a sure risk , as the nature of these Bschools admission is unpredictable , so i've been thinking abt a back up as my GRE EXAM( strictly only as a back up ) .

so waiting for life to unfold it's uncertainty's in the months to come ,but one thing is for sure , these moths of slogging is surely going to help me and i must conclude with a positive bent of mind , that I will make efforts to lock horns with the CAT and take it head on

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