Seeing the Chennai'tes react to the opening of BOYS was really depressing ,as I had just been to the movie a few days back and the movie is really cool and is all about college slang and the attitudes that float in todays generation . People in Chennai get too serious, forgeting that it is just a movie and it's meant for 3 hrs of entertainment .

Their logic of banning certain scenes of the movie( BY some PMK party leader ) seems highly skewed in favor of the vote banks . If people feel that BOYS is going to influence the youth of today to be rebelious , then they are in for a big suprise , coz todays generation is a much more candid ,intelligent and double faced generation (a-la jekyll and hyde) with one face at home and other with friends and the movie is just a reflection of the times of today .

This kind of political party interference has been going on in India for quite some time (WATER,ELIZABETH,....... to name a few) . India just dosent seem to be mature enough and still prefers the unrealism of goody-goody family soaps and movies with the same old formula uncle -aunty romance via villain to the sombre realism of lives . some of the good movies that have bucked convention over the years are HYDERABAD BLUES,ROCKFORD,YEH KYA HO RAHA HAIN, THULLUVATHO ILAMAI,BOYS, THE GURU,BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, AMERICAN DESI and the whole genre of cross over films . these movies have leant a new touch to story making

when is India going to mature enough and be bold to watch movies that talk ingenously abt sex ? well my guess is as good as yours !!!

I guess India has to be cleansed of all these 60 something politicians and instead young blood has to replace them in creating a society that thinks straight and honestly . This infact might be a good GD topic to debate for cleansing India of it's ills that plague it currently .

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