MC 7 RESULTS ARE SUPRISINGLY OUT EARLY my rankings and percentile are slowly improving , but if there's one section on the CAT that i dread it's gotta be quants .If i had done a few quants sums , my ranking wud have been in the order off 700-800 , but due to lack of quants prep my rankings hover between 1700 and 2800 .

anyways I guess quants will have to wait until sep 17 , when my GRE gets over . life presently is teally cool , with me learning so many new word origins and usages of the englisg language .

yesterday I had been to BOYS at udhayam theatre . the movie is a good time pass to while away 3 hrs ,and very specifically caters to the interests of teenagers . this movie is stricly forbidden for parents ( see the movie u'l know why !!)

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