Life's movin great

I decide to take an honest stock of my life pattern in the last few years and i found some startling findings .

My reading habit has gone down so badly that it was nearly 5 years since I read atleast 40-50% of the newspaper. My eyes ,during college days would scan ET only for the masala news and the IT gadgets news...the biggest turn off which would be the headlines on ET like "FII's sold a majority stake in their consolidated holdings of which 15% is owned by the parent company's bla blah blah.....................(in essence the commerce terms ....) and the daily spate of bomb blasts ,killings and parlimenterian tussles.....made me safely enter the newspaper through its back door,from where I would have a peep over the cricket scores...or any article ......and even that in recent days ...had stopped ,thanks to the far-reaching Internet technology .So in effect my GK plummetted to an all time low (but even then i managed 95 percentile in GK section of XAT 2004 ,so that shows that the MBA aspirants of the year 2003 , were really bad in GK.

That apart I didnt read any novels as I felt guilty readingt them ,when I had so much to learn in my engineering...and so I decided it would be more chivalrous in sleeping-with-my-tech-books than flirt with other general magazines. The end -result .........I tried doing both with a totally unstable mind and so confused was I for 4 long years ,that I ended up doing sleeping as my main stream activity , making my magazines....sleep with my tech books on my bed :-) .

Earlier as a schooler I used to read a lot of extra books and that resulted in my assosiation with the British council Library in Chennai.As i climbed the hierarchical ladder of education a rencounter happened with engineering,and with no choice left I had to be a insessorial engineer adapting to the world of bits and bytes.I still continued to be a member at the British library , but found little time to actually go there.So instead of going home after college I travelled the length and breadth of chennai's local railways from Avadi to Guindy.....between which I would go to BCL (the British council library) and after mulling over which tech books to take ...I would neccesarily pick the heaviest of them and the most colorful of them...whatever it was wanting to see how much that book would leverage my IT knowledge. But alas that tiring sojourn would make me hit the sack as soon as I would return home...and I would totally forget about the books ...which would lie in cold storage until I ....finally get down to cleaning my room and discover that the books have passed the extension date and I had a fine in my account.

This insane practice has gone from 2001 to 2004 ....oops 2005 ......all because of the loyalty I had with the British council library and the hope that some day I would complete a book,taken for reading from there.....and till date all I have been able to do is borrow books,forget them ,pay up the fine......... I guess BCL must honour their customers ,especially me for providing BCL unstinted support burning a large hole of 700 bucks every year , in addition to the fines. So over a period of time ........my reading habit also suffered.

Now in school I was good at quizzing , as I always was an "inquizitive" guy ,but after I joined hell(ie: college ) I was seemingly castigated by my HOD's for bunking classes and attending symposiums. Now in college some saw me as a rebel or an outlaw who belived rules were framed to be broken by kartik.........Lemme tell u the rules they made were absolutely silly and U would piss in ur pants if u hear that a poor guy in my college, who didnt have his shirt tucked in after attending nature's call , was spotted by our director and his photo was splashed all over the college saying that he was suspended...The poor guy didnt know why he was suspended, and soon found out the reason " THE ABOVE STUDENT IS SUSPENDED FOR MISBEHAVING WITH A GIRL STUDENT" .The poor guy was dumbfounded ....I have never seen him coming near the toilet after that..... So what i want to say is that amidst such stupid rules , all my creativity was compressed harder than the Fraunhoffer institude did to music files (MP3).

I was the sort of a guy ,who in college had a certain insolence towards reading techie funda and my insouciance in my engineering made me do assignments the CTRL-C CTRL-V way, submit practical records at 2 days past the last minute,study for semester exams on the very day of the exam and end up reading unit 4 at 9 30 am ,unit 5 at 10 05 am and finally enter the hall at 10 20 am after a frenetic flip thru of pages for the 10 am exam.......during which my memory would function like a RAM (temporary memory lasting for a session....) blended finely with my story writing abilities. All my marks where I have got in heavy excesses in 80 and 90 were probably due to amount of pages filled up in my answer books and oh yes thanks so much to the "made easy series " 40 pages book , which compressed my 400 page engineering book to a tenth.

what i mean to say is that all these days I had lived life in a very negative frame of mind,not caring to see what went wrong..........but slowly things are changing....I am learning to be more relaxed, becoming a so-so Ok programmer who can think, am reading news papers and magazines.....am thankful the renaissance is on its way.Atleast I have thought about making my complex wired life ..... W I R E L E S S .

So to say Kartik RELOADED .

I have discovered a sense of calm ,a new renascent feeling ... that assures me that I would be fine.No more unnecesary tensions,flaring up,

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