Munnar ....HERE I COME

I am waiting with unabated breath for this weekend,as I am going to tour Munnar.But somehow within myself ,last evening I felt the major summer holiday excitement was missing ,because we were going and staying in a hotel,as I would have preffered some adventurous outdoor trekking,but if trekking is to be enjoyed ..it simply has to be done on the himalayas under adverse temperatures and the rocky terrains.

I was browsing through the site of the youth hostels assodiation of India , and saw that they have chalked out a new plan for trekking routes ,with the chandrakhani pass route being scrapped. They seem to have revamped their site and it does look and user friendly....and I also happened to stumble across my college's website.They too have revamped their official site from their older version to a newer one.
This site now looks a lot proffessional in outlook and I only hope My college grows in leaps and bounds...even as i type college .........the college memories tend to show up one by one ...and what better way to re-live it once again by meeting up with old friends at munnar.

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