All Of a sudden I feel a new surge of blood in my veins and really active and ecstatic .....about what one may ask .......Even I tried asking myself why ? I dont find an answer to it .I have done nothing to brag about , but a feel good factor has slowly crept into me...over the afternoon ...This morning I was worried about the pile of documentation work that remained to be done ,and in the afternoon after a meeting with the concerned "clients" ,my mood was really terrible because a whole lot of changes had to be done regarding the requirements and I was supposed to be back to my table ......but I happened to doze of for 10 mnutes hearing some slow english number and I must say that those 10 minutes after lunch really relaxed me and lifted a lot of mental load....and I was able to finish the new documentation within an hour with my partner, but I am still left wondering whether it was those 10 minutes that made the difference today in my mood .

whatever .NET still is yet to find a place inside my cranium and the next few days will hopefully pass off installing .NET and SQL Server in my memory (the actual one -not the computer memory ) .

Any way , it's not a crime to have the FGF(Feel Good Factor) in excess ....as who know's what's in store for tommorow ?

All of a sudden being busy , doing work .....is a different feeling than being on bench ....I have .NET and ASP as my new girlfriends ....as my dear wife MAINFRAMES is on a holiday for some time.So I guess I shall be busy at nights ..............................(R u thinking what I am not thinking ???)

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