Kalanjali 05, version 10

Kalanjali 05, version 10, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

As i was driving through Gandhi Nagar adyar,I noticed a flurry of bikes and commotion on the 4th main Road,usually seen only when parents drop their wards at school.It took me a while to realise that the inter-school fest KALANJALI was going on.

All of a sudden ...just as maniratnam attempts a flashback in his movies..i was transported 6 years back in time , when our batch Organized Kalanjali , and how My quiz" Referee's Verdict" was a major success considering the turnout for the event then.

I've managed to do a couple of more editions of My Sports quiz at school after passing out,Which incidentally had the winners ,also going on to win the ESPN school quiz.


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