i am back after a long time coz the paper presentations , seminars and zzzzzzzzzzzz kept me occupied till date . i've totally forgotten to mention a gret experience i had a evening in isaphani centre. the occaison - was a bloggers meet in chennai
if i remeber right it was the lord's league game against england where india won chasing 272 . i got there at 6 45 pm and first spotted mr kirubashankar ( though the spotting had already begun -a-la SALIM ALI !!!! ( try guessing what i mean). then it was navneet potti and lakshmi and satish ( the order i guess is slightly jumbled) . we were all meeting each other for tyhe first time in the real world after seeing each one's handiwork on himself/herself etched on HTML in the virtual world . we initially moved into CAFE DAY but as we did'nt get seats in a multiple of 6 we moved on to another restaraunt called VJ' DINNER in the basement . we began our discussions with simple introductions . navneet and kiruba were from SIFY , satish was from IBM , lakshmi was from COVANSYS now movin over to EDS and we were finally joined by vijay venkatesh -so to say an indian shawn fanning in the making as he resembled the ideal techno geek with bits and bytes literally gushing out of his hair( i think he had long hair). we soon got down to washing our stomach witha touch of mango in the form of milkshakes and started to discuss about the state of indian blogdom and lots of other technical funda( the one i remember was when the discussion was on a 802.something , set of ethernet protocols which had me in a tizzy as i understood head nor tail of that part. but other topics seemed familiar and my mouth started doing it's talking as soon as it sensed normalcy !!!!!. then we had some chips and i rushed home at 8 along with lakshmi . it was a ideal gettogether evening and what suprised me was the way in which each one spoke to another resembled as if they were buddies for years .( at least on the anonymous world of the Internet). as all good things had to come to an end so the party too wasnt an exeption , but something still was there to keep the mood going , guess what ?? sehwag and saurav ( later rahul and yuvi) .

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