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The untimely death of Thespian Rajkumar in Bangalore seems to have brought the city to a grinding halt thus affecting many services and public life.How does Rajkumar's death bother me..when I hardly see Kannada movies? Well I am supposed to travel to Bangalore this evening and chances of me cancelling my tickets are huge considering the fact that some hard core kannadiga fanatics just want a reason to have Anti Tamil protests and create some violence.Sometimes It's hard to see the Karnataka goverment also supporting such violent acts,by not curbing it.The Parties in power after S.M.Krishna in Karnataka have led the state to rot,with some talibanist policies and promoting vandalism.

I vividly remember during my days at Infosys Bangalore,I could not watch a single new movie as the goverment in the deseparate attempt to make people view more kannada movies(as the film industry there was decelerating down the hill with a speed faster than Holywood was accelerating) made a law which made any movie to be released in Bangalore 7 weeks after it was released in other parts of the country.This was such a loser's move aimed at promoting kannada cinema and it projected Bnagalore in very poor light and add the usual traffic woes...it was actually becoming tough to live there even though bangalore had lovely weather and babes.

Coming to the point, I dont understand why the heck has Bangalore to be on curfewmode just because an actor passed away.If it wanst to pay homage there are better ways of doing that,than having buses stones,people killed and violence being shown.Seeing this I can visualise what would happen if Karunanidhi or Rajnikanth passed away....Chennai would also witness scenes of mass road roko and processions but not violence as Bangalore does...as all some Fanatics want there is some reason to provoke Tamils.

So as these events go on, I am sitting at my office mulling over the fact that I may lose 1000 bucks by cancelling my tickets and wait in the rather overtly optinmistic hope that the situation in Bangalore eases.If anyone from Bangalore is seeing this blog, please do update me on happenings in the garden city.


Madras to Ambai said...

a similar situation prevailed in mumbai in the sixties..n seventies..south indians were beaten up for no reason at all..later the UP and the Bihari's became an object of shiv sena's ire..i guess even in bangalore attention will divert towards ppl coming from the north.me managed to come from bangalore yesterday sitting on top of a van from bangalore to hosur..if tamils were the target then hosur road should have been their prime target..but it was all peace there..wouldn't call this insanity..there is innate tension in the city which flares up when incidents like these occur

Ashwin said...

Hi - my email address is ashwin9900@gmail.com, feel free to email me about getting me on to this Sulekha ring


PS - I hope India beats England in tomorrow's ODI!

Anonymous said...

Kartik - no one, except people of Karnataka understands and respects the great, yet simple man Rajkumar. Learn to be sensitive to ocasions and think broad. Respect all.

You have such a strong undercurrent of fanatiism. Cut it down. Part of your stomach will surely be filled by your business in Bangalore. Life is global.

gayathri said...

not screenin tamil movies for 7 weeks is really an injustice.. well this is more important 2 me than the others.. ;)

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks for the comments

@@Madras to Ambai

True...My dad was recalling some incidents and didnt want me to take the risk of going to bangalore.He too was scared that this kannada/tamil divide would flare up.


will contact u shortly


Hi I never meant to hurt your sentiments, but its just that, the whole city coming to a stop,just because an actor is passed away and with so much vilence,is what suprises me.


True man..I echo your sentiments

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