Peace and Solitude

These are two things that every working person longs for and I am no different.There are times in life where one needs to go sharpen the axe before resuming cutting the tree.The axe,obviously in this case is my mind.I have decided on 2 consecutive holidays on the weekend.This week, I would be travelling to Gokarna,but would be travelling across the beaches I missed last time and of course staying on the beach to watch the sunrise and sunset.The sunset at OM Beach in uttar Karnataka, is simlpy divine in beauty.

The next week, I am travelling to a place called Masinagudi which is on thefringes of ooty and that trip is more of a night jungle safari through the dense forests.So lot of adventure in store for the next 2 weeks.


Redcell said...

sure dude. will put up my blog at sulekha.com. how many guys have u taken from indiatimes.com :-)


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