Bonded for Life Huh !!

When I saw the news item,after I arrived from my Masinagudi/ooty holiday,I saw that the former IT Minister Pramod Mahajan had been gunned down by his bro.His Brother's wife made a statement that her hubbby took the extreme step as he was"emotionally disturbed".The Point I wish to bring out here is that generally housewives actually have no chance of speaking teir mind,and more so end up supporting their husbands/cgildren/kith and kin...irrespective of the gravity of mistake committed.Generally its the males in the family that commit mistakes and the poor females end up lpaying the supporting anchor role,for which sadly no Lux,Femina or stardust comes forward to offer any awards.I was just thinking what must be going through the minds of such people...outwards they project one thing and their concience tells them that what they are doing is actually wrong,but still puta different face to society...by masking their feelings.It is one thing helping husbands and protecting them by giving blasphemous statements.

The motto such people seems to be "If You cant beat them,join them" kinda philospohy where the focus on correction doesnt seem to be there,but is blatantly on giving blind support.The Problem lies with the Indian estabilishment of marriages,where the wife is expected to serve her husband dutifully.So the fact of wife taking a decesion amking path is totally lost just as petrol is to air, and as a result of this I see wives..being afraid of opposing her mate and going against tradition...and they end up spoiling the very root of their relationship.

I still wonder.. in today's competitive world,incase we dont like a job,a realtionship..we tend to openly say that and come out of it,but when it is a marital relationship, the very fact of the lady losing her security if she doesnt lpay to the husband;s sleeves just has her playing a doll ...and enduring a lot of negative feelings, and behaving as if nothing has happened.Such a 2 sided life where one thinks differently,but projects a different self.. is so bloody tough ....as I have a clutch of friends who just do that,and am unable to belive ,how they pull it off...as I have enough problems living with a single straight face :-)

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