The Bangalore Weekend-A Photo Blog-Day 1

You know one has hit Bangalore when you feel the chill fresh breeze of the morning and when a 7 am, company buses fly past you in a race to reach Hosur road

I was going for the Dream job auditions and as I had classes
late till 9 pm the previous evening, I had little time to go back home, pack up and rush to Central station to catch the 23 15 hrs Bangalore Mail. I forgot my toothpaste,shaving kit , resume,passport photos and my formal shoes. So redemption started rather immideately as I headed straight to Koramangala, 2 kms from St. Johns College, where after some spirited searching I found a barber.

Now this was the first time, I was shaving at a barber's place and was curious to know how he would go about it. Pretty proffesional with 2 rounds of copius lather and dagger down my cheeks.

Ya, now it looks better. One task done 4 more to do, time left= 50 minutes. THE Time was 10 40 am, and my scheduled time of appointment was 11 30 am.

I needed to take a photograph and get it within an hour and my only saviour was of course Reliance webworld where it has this 3 megapixel camer put to good use for penniless students like me, with an offer of 30 photos for 30 rupees. The webworld, also allowed me to print my resume.By the way, I was referring to the RELIANCE WEBWORLD inside FORUM MALL.

The photo was available in a jiffy: TIME 11 AM

I took an Auto from FORUM MALL, to reach ST JOHNS College and had a lovely time wading through the woods. It seemed the ideal place for a romantic walk with the overcast clouds and the greenery around withing the medical college campus. I had to locate the auditorium which is pretty dee inside their campus.

Cricket auditions can bring you people from all walks of life and this was an example where a father son pair turned up to try their luck. They seemed to have a 10 am slot and were deleayed by the morning Bangalore traffic and were spritinting down the pathway. Imagine a father competing with son for a job!

A lot of freely roaming deers inside the campus, provided a lovely sight of being in some sort of forest reserve.

There I am the venue reached, but where's MANDIRA BEDI?

Apparently Mandira Bedi was'nt going to judge on August 31st, but only in the next round on September 1st. Today was a basic prelims to seperate the wheat from the chaff, and it was pretty easy clearing the prelims. Not having too much to do, I went back to forum mall, glancing at the chicks, and some books in Landmark.

Thats my friend Prasanna, who joined me later in the evening at FORUM. He seemed to be gung ho on buying a leather purse, but when he discovered that there would be no money to keep in the purse after he buys it, he decided to explore other options. A major part of my trip was sponsored by Prasanna, as I fell short of cash.

Recruitment Heights- There was this recruitment ad in the restroom zone. Bangalore is going all out to woo people to change their jobs and take up new jobs and what better place to start a conversation on a career change! THE RESTROOM

ORACLE has gone even more extreme by making their recruitment drive more visible to the common man.May their tribe increase :-)

The last straw. This is how a KSRTC bus form looks like, everything written in Kannada, and if u fill it wrongly(99% probability), you need to join the line from behind, so that the KSRTC operators time is not wasted, an in all probability in that time, the last 2 tickets from Bangalore to Chennai would have also been sold out.




Shree said...

I like the label.."Battered Chennai".. I like it when somebody compares Chennai to Bnaglaore..:)
should have told me you were whiling away your evening lookin at chicks..would have joined you..:)

Agn! Sharman said...

I used to work for a company in Bangalore and used to travel to Chennai on weekends

I end up getting froped by KSRTC volvo at chennai at anytime between 2AM and 4AM

I suffered a lot because of the Chennai Autorikshaw guys, charging me 150 to 300 Rupees to get dropped off from CMBT to home.

This forced me give a special discounted rate for people like me when I start a CAB service at Chennai to help then get dropped home @ a nominal cost and not to exceed Rs250/- with in Chennai city.

So call me if you need me @ anytime (24 X 7) at 98414 87 666

Gud luck to you guys!

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