Conversations during the 6th one day International

I had come home to watch the one day match, while my friend Bhaskar Sahay, decided to stay back at his place, as it was raining heavily and taking the hike back to college library was put on hold till the rain stopped. He was on Cricinfo, and the update was a ball or 2 late, and I was on Google Talk and this conversation happened...........as the match went on.Relive the match in the last 10 overs, through the agonies and joys of text messaging on chat.

Bhaskar Sahay: Chak de India !!!
kartik: Hey Bhaski
Can u send me Murthy's slides
Bhaskar: ok
r u on gtalk ?
dont c a send file option in this window
kartik: yes
Bhaskar: let me relogin
kartik: ok
gambhir gone
84 off 57
Bhaskar: still cant
u relogin
kartik: ok
Sent at 9:53 PM on Wednesday
Bhaskar: You cannot send files because Kartik Kannan is using chat in Gmail or is using another chat program.
kartik: why dont u mail me then:-)
Bhaskar: oki
wats ur mail id
kartik: kartik.kannan@gmail.com
Bhaskar: sent
kartik: thanks yaar
how many ppts totally?
Bhaskar: 5
kartik: ok
Sent at 9:58 PM on Wednesday
kartik: 4
Bhaskar: this is gonna go down the wire
kartik: is it
these guys are struggling
u need to watch them play
64 of 42
Bhaskar: their bowling looked pretty weak to me man
till the time sachin was there
kartik: all runs coming by byes and wides
Bhaskar: then i came home
kartik: dhoni and uthappa are strugglng
Bhaskar: hehe
Sent at 10:04 PM on Wednesday
Bhaskar: 65 off 44 is gettable
kartik: not with these duds
Bhaskar: that bloddy yuvi over costed us this match
kartik: serious man
5 sixes is 222222222222222 mcuh
Bhaskar: consecutive
kartik: colingwood in 2 bowl
64 of 42
uthappa starts
Bhaskar: y arent u watch the match in lib ?
kartik: 4
at home man
grandma is alone
Bhaskar: oh wow
kartik: so cant leave her alone
Bhaskar: ok
kartik: 60 43
60 41
59 40
56 37
56 of 6
Bhaskar: man
m missing tv
kartik: u sure are :-)
pu ur earphones on. I can give live commentary
Bhaskar: haha
kartik: shall i call
Bhaskar: i hv got an infection in ears
cant use earfones
its paing man
no thanks mate
kartik: ok
dot ball
Bhaskar: m avoiding all calls
kartik: single
55 34
Bhaskar: its raing
else i wud had gone to coll
kartik: strugglng
anderson rocks
54 33
dhoni sucks
Bhaskar: shit man
kartik: yorker single again
great bowling
all 140 plus
Bhaskar: nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo
kartik: 53 32
Bhaskar: we need 1 big over now
kartik: uthappa 2 thrdman
1 run
52 31
Bhaskar: m checkn on cricinfo
its fast
kartik: 4
misfield by pietrson
is it as fast as me :-)
Bhaskar: i think i need to goto coll
no yaar
chal c u after match
kartik: ok
Bhaskar: goin 2 coll
Sent at 10:13 PM on Wednesday
Bhaskar: itsraing 2 heavily man
kartik: dont worry
u arent missing anything
fuckers bastards
11 an over
Bhaskar: wtf man
kartik: 44 of 24
Bhaskar: looks tuf now
this is THE over for india
kartik: anderson in now
2 only
Bhaskar: wwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
oh no
kartik: great fielding by mascarenhas
42 23
39 23
Bhaskar: yuvi ki maa ki yaar
kartik: 4
Bhaskar: saale ne hara diya
kartik: uthapa
over slips
full toss
35 22
amazing noise
Bhaskar: ya man
kartik: lbw
not given
34 21
Bhaskar: run ?
kartik: anderson 147
leg bye
Bhaskar: man
kartik: dhoni single
amazing overthrow
1 more
32 20
Bhaskar: wow
its all hapng
this is gettable man
1 gud over
kartik: partnership 51 38
Bhaskar: 15 runs
kartik: 6
6 o r 4 wait a sec
full toss mishit
Bhaskar: ssssseeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
kartik: 4
not 6
Bhaskar: oh
kartik: 2 mts away from the boundary
28 19
Bhaskar: ah
kartik: fulltoss long off sngle
27 0f 18
Bhaskar: hmmmmm
kartik: so ction begins
27 off 18
bal being changed
Bhaskar: can v pull it
kartik: broad to bowl this over
8 1 32 1 are his figures
Bhaskar: hit himm man
kartik: bit of a delay
ball change
Bhaskar: wat drama
kartik: broad 2 dhoni
in he comes
full toss
only one to long on
26 off 17
Bhaskar: oh shit
y cant they hit full toss man
kartik: uthapa now
batting on 23 21
dot ball
Bhaskar: ssh
kartik: tried to improvise, missed contact
26 16
Bhaskar: shit
cum on guys
kartik: one
long off
Bhaskar: lets do it
kartik: 25 15
Bhaskar: v need 2 4s now
kartik: all deliveris full and straight
india not being able to put away
Bhaskar: cross bat shot is needed
kartik: full toss again
straight to bell
at long on
Bhaskar: shucks
kartik: 1 run :-)
Bhaskar: lost
kartik: 24 14
Bhaskar: pathetic
kartik: uthappa
full toss again
to bell again
1 more run
Bhaskar: oh man
kartik: what the fuck
Bhaskar: seriosly
kartik: 23 13
dhoni bowled
Bhaskar: shit yaar
kartik: broad says fuck offf
Bhaskar: hehe
kartik: india fuck de
Bhaskar: yo
kartik: dhoni 35 37
Bhaskar: wtf man
kartik: 23 12
Bhaskar: so slow
in these situations
kartik: good he got out
he was strugglin
Bhaskar: whzoz next
kartik: AA
Bhaskar: he is such a sucker
kartik: agarkar at non strikers end
Bhaskar: than god
kartik: 4
Bhaskar: wow
kartik: uthappa
Bhaskar: whoz bolwn
kartik: 3rd man
19 11
Bhaskar: club him man
gone down the wire
as i said
kartik: 1 to sqr leg
18 10
agarkar facing
slapped away for 1 to covers
17 of 9
300 up
Bhaskar: v need a 6 now
can RU do it
kartik: 4
Bhaskar: sahiiiiiii
kartik: fuck uthappa is lucky
Bhaskar: once more
kartik: all his 4's have come because matt prior is dumb
Bhaskar: v need runs
kartik: 13 8
Bhaskar: wow
kartik: monty misfields
2 runs
11 7
Bhaskar: gr8
1 4 man
or a 6
kartik: down the pitch
agarkar run out ?
1 run taken
Bhaskar: hehe
kartik: 3rd umpire decesion waiting
Bhaskar: k
kartik: out
agarkar out
10 of the final over
Bhaskar: doesnt matr
RU on strie?
kartik: yes
Bhaskar: gr8
kartik: 10 of the final over
Bhaskar: whoz bowln
kartik: i guess broad
ad showing
Bhaskar: k
kartik: 2
Bhaskar: 8
kartik: 8 off 5
Bhaskar: come on RU
u can b a hero tonite
kartik: fielded
zaheer run out
Bhaskar: fcuk
kartik: 309/8
Bhaskar: oh man
kartik: ru on strike
Bhaskar: shit
kartik: 8 of 4
romesh powar comes
he's at the non strikers end
Bhaskar: mota saala
kartik: 4
Bhaskar: wah
kartik: uthappa chip to fine leg
smashing man
Bhaskar: yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
kartik: fultoss
4 off 3
Bhaskar: sexy
wat a match
how cud i miss it
1 4 man
kartik: broad is runing in
Bhaskar: k
kartik: fine leg gone back
india win
Bhaskar: yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee
kartik: long off
indian team on the pitch
outsnading shot
lordsmatch on
u there dude
Bhaskar: wow
calln u
cant get u
ppl r shouting here like crazy
kartik: espn playing CHAK DE INDIA
Bhaskar: yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee
india rocks man
kartik: uthappa's a hero
Bhaskar Sahay: Chak diya India !!!
Bhaskar: surely dude
wat a match
i missed it big time man
kartik: yes u did
check the highlights
Bhaskar: i hv to
Sent at 10:46 PM on Wednesday
Bhaskar: whoz MoM
kartik: presentations not yet started
I would hand over to uthappa
Bhaskar: i think sachin wl get it
Sent at 10:48 PM on Wednesday

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