Reaching out to People via Commentary!

Whoa! What A night?

India just won the bowlout...and it was fun celebrating it with close to 40 people. Lets see how the 40 add up. Most of these guys did not have access to cricket as Cricinfo and Cricbuzz, as the sites werent responding, probably due to the heavy rush of traffic. I was at home and there were 6 from my college, who were in their room. I spoke on Gtalk with them....and gave running commentary for the last half hour. There were about 25 people who were in the college library and seminar halls who were pinging me on GTALK for the scores all assembling at one point. So I give commentary on Gtalk to Bhaskar and he types every word out to the 4 focal point guys in college. Can corporate India be far behind? My friend working in a Financial services company called on my mobile, and put my conversation on speaker mode for his team mates. There I was doing commentary and answering questions on my laptop.

Here go video highlights of the match Presentation and the video covering the Pakistan innings and the finale of the bowlout.

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Sheks said...

Thanks a lot for uploading the video.I could not watch the match on TV as I was on the move feeling bad at having missed an exciting match.

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