Bomb in Bandra?

A few minutes back, I went outside after I heard a few 'light' bombs go off near my house. I had to go out for grabbing whatever morsel of food was available, given that there was an informal curfew after Raj Thackeray was arrested. I saw a Banana seller, and was asking him, whether the bombs were coming from MNS workers or whether people were celebrating India's victory(too late in the day for a reason like that). He saw me, gazed at me and smiled and said " Diwali hain na". Damn! Never have I felt so out of place and sync with this festival, but this year, living away from Chennai, and living a mechanical Mumbaikar life, I totally forgot about the Diwali weekend. Raj Thackeray! You've just changed the way, I start to think about a bomb! Thankfully its Diwali and its just one of those crackers! Time for festivities and lights. Let the show begin.

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