This looks like the marriages season and quite a lot of my friends are getting married around the same time. One of my friends got married last week in Velachery, another getting married this week in Chidambaram. So that means a quick dashing visit to Chennai on Friday evening and back to bustling Bombay on Sunday night, after the marriage on Sunday.
Come November and December, there are marriages in Nandanbar(Somewere in Maharashtra), Ujjain(MP), Chennai and Jaipur. Thats quite a lot of travelling that week (Dec 2-9 week). Suddenly matrimony seems to be a little interesting from a perspective of trying to see if any value can be provided to reduce the headache assosiated with the operations aspect. Trying to crunch some numbers and meet a few people in Chennai this weekend to see if math, irrationality,oppurtunity and money tend to meet at a junction!

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vibha said...

Hi Kartik,

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