Long Time!

Its been quite a while since I shared my experiences on my blog. I've been travelling too much in the last 3 weeks and for the better part of the 3 weeks I had been without access to an internet connection. each of the weekends I was in Chennai. Oct 9-10th weekend was a marriage of a close friend from Sulekha.com(Jairaj), Oct 18-19 was the marriage of an engineering friend, classmate from Vel Tech-Sakthikumar. His marriage was in Chidambaram. Last week for about 5 days I was in Chennai, came back yesterday morning by Dadar express. I have totally burned about 15000 Rs in my 6 trips( 3up, 3 down)(3 flights, 3 trains) and am going to curtail travel for a while. 'Rainy days' are actually here, and its time to save some money. I shall compose a long post with pictures sometime tonight on how the last 3 weeks went.

In those three weeks, My Mumbai house has been neglected a lot. Have some clothes to wash, iron and segregate. House is in a complete mess. This weekend too, I will be occupied, but thankfully within Mumbai, but no let ups, time to make the house a home. Right now filling in drinking water in the tank, which has been thirsty for three weeks. Need to bathe and catch the 8 47 am Churchgate Local. Quite a task!

While I was driving from Chidambaram to Chennai along the ECR, I came across the new Great Lakes Campus that is being built near Mahabalipuram. The 09-10 batch would move to the new campus, which is slated to be partially open for our Grand Alumni bash in January 2009. If you want to have a brief peek, play the video below

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