India's first I.T Magazine for Women

Came across an ad in my inbox for this magazine called L.I.V.E I T. Now if this magazine can get me women like this in IT(reverse positioning), I will buy the magazine on a 5 year subscription :-)
I always have bad memories of women in IT, as the hittable chicks are already having a waiting list, the emerging ones have boyfriends who flirt with them in sourcecodes and tech talk. So if u cant code, ur chances of hitting on even the second string ones are gone. The rest of the lot are invariably loaded in your project, and when I was in Infy, I had 6 girls in my team and some of their conversations went like this(2005 August/september time)
Sample a conversation at 8 15 pm, after a routine On-site call(Am converting this from Tamil to English)
Girl1- Hey, did u find the guy interesting ?
Girl 2- (She was on the phone, so I cant hear).#$@#%$%$*
Girl 1- " hey, You should not reject him, You are a Dot Net girl, he is a C# guy who also knows mainframes.Its a good combination for work. He is soo ideal no, marry him na"
I was dumbfounded! Why does this have to be so formulaic and happen only in Chennai , damn it?
During my engineering, I asked a friend of mine, who was the hottest girl in their department, and he said pointing to a girl, " she studies well da, she got 87% in the last univ semester exam". I coughed and caught cold soon enough.
Believe me, these are times when its tough to pass a comment on the person, as it takes some time to get over the shock of what he/she said. Women, I have met in Chennai(in IT) invariably end up marrying your skill set(java, #$%^^ whatever) or your temporary onsite stint.
So If you are an IT girl who indulges in such conversations, then you wouldnt have understood the joke. So go back and code... and create an application for skill set based dating(orkut, u have competition)
If You arent, please feel free to socially network with me...

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Pramod Abraham said...

Loved that mate..LOL..
BTW am surprised that you have not found ur match in mumbai !! Looks you need to check ur codes for any bugs! Juss joking cheers

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