26/11- Images from Colaba Causeway

All photos taken on 27th November between 4 50 pm and 6 15 pm.


This was taken behind the Taj Mahal hotel in the lanes that lead to it,from Colaba Causeway. There were a bunch of unarmed policemen who were hiding inside the apartments near the road. If you were a bomber looking for a new place to Bomb, you could go right in and do whatever you wanted. Even after such an incident, there are certain sides of the Taj Hotel, that dont have enough protection. The police and the commandos are doing a good job, kudos to them for managing to fight it out for the common man, but still there are some slips, which could derail some of their plans.

Saw a 'Times Now' reporter who was rehearsing his lines before the limelight is thrust on him. Lives of these journalists are also tough, in the sense that they leave their families and come in a high tension zone, and sometimes need to talk gibberish under the influence of their honchos at HQ. But I loved Arnab Goswami's interview today with Suhel Seth, Alyque Padamsee and Shefal sheth this evening on Times Now.

Mumbai they say wll rebound, but somewhere down the line we have taken people n Mumbai for granted by issuing this sentence. The politicians and media get away by this famous phrase. Mumbai is a city of burgeonng population where people come to make a living. So to them if a bunch of people die, it doesnt matter to them as they need to make their daily wage to feed their house. Yes,Mumbai has a spirt and a soul, but dont kill whatever is left by using the cliched dalogue that Mumbai will rebound. Media and the politcians skirt some of the major issues by using ths term "rebounding"

The commandos keep going about on both sides of the road. The police was trying to make the people go back home, but there were onlookers who wanted to see what the heck was happening to their dear city. In between these, were bunch of people whose friends were caught in the TAJ. So they were frantically moving about coordinating wth relatives.

Some more smoke billowing from the new building of the Taj

When we went there, we just saw a grenade come down on the road, and the 4th floor of a building (I guess it was the Taj) that caught fire. It was shocking to see the fire that was spreading fast, even as men were trying to get to a positon from where they could safely extinguish the fire, as terrorists inside were tryng to prevent them from spraying water.

Vinay(My classmate at GL) and I scanned some of the smaller lanes and spoke with the policemen. We found some scattered glass pieces on the lane, which was due to a hand grenade bursting within the Taj. To Think that it came 100 feet away was mind boggling, when you think of the power of the explosion within the hotel room where it exploded.

An ambulance rushing to the save the lives of people injured

Road to Colaba

Glass pieces lying broken on the road leading to Taj Hotel


Sudhir syal said...

Nice post Karthik...did you actually go to Colaba when the battle was still going on????

Anonymous said...

Have you gone nuts? I know it is thrilling to watch it live, but not at the cost of your own life. You don't get paid for what you wrote, the journalists do else they would n't go to such a place. Not a heroic deed definitely. F**K the page views and all the shit man.. Stay away from unwanted trouble. These bastards would n't stop. They keep striking again and again and take the name of the god, which is utter RUBBISH and BULL SHIT. Started with september 11, July 7 london blasts, July 11 bombay blasts etc., The whole of P****T*N & B***L***SH should be wiped out and US would take care of the Ta**b*n automatically. That will end everything....

Hatikvah said...

As usual, detailed and a joy to read. Yeah, its been a long time Kartik, but I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time. In fact, quite a few of my friends follow your blog. Keep in touch.

Vedang said...

I jumped here from my friend Prajwalit's blog. You've written very well.
One point I would like to say this that the old cliche "Mumbai's spirit will never die" is being replaced by a new cliche "This Mumbai spirit stuff is all bullshit. Enough is Enough"
As long as we only keep talking about these things and take no action, nothing will change.

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