Elements from weekend Chennai Trip- Part 1

On the Air-India flight from Mumbai to Chennai- Saw in flight enterainment systems dishing out videos of safety instructions. It was good in a way, as no one is in the mood to see aunties giving instructions at 10 pm in the night. The so called-in-flight-entertainment was some archived videos of some lion roaming for food in a forest without any audio. The best inflight entertainment on domestic flights has to go to Jet Airways on the Mum-Chennai route, followed by Kingfisher which provides Live Television on board.

One of the reasons for a Chennai trip on the 26th-28th weekend was my school alumni meet. This was the first time such a thing was happening in the history of Bala Vidya Mandir(Adyar). I decided to go to school, as a lot of my formative skills were developed largely because of the oppurtunities I had in school, may it be talking on stage, quizzing, playing cricket and a few other small things.
From Left to Right, are my school Aayas, who used to let me inside their house(inside the school compound) to watch the cricket updates, take care of me when I was waiting alone, for my parents to pick me up, help me with lunch sometimes when I spilt it as a kid on the ground, and a score of other things, that i would remember them for.

Thats me and my maths sir. This is the way he introduced me with pride to some of his other students " KK used to start sleeping at 9 am and get up when the bell rang at 4 pm very promptly". He used to tell me that the only way, I could improve in life was to have a pot with a small hole, so that the the water keeps trickling down on my head to keep me awake. Well, there are times I feel droswy at work still, and nothing much has changed since then.

This was my chemistry lab assistant, who shared the same passion for cricket as I did. Nacl and h2S04, took a backseat in the lab, when I used to secretly discuss 'latesht' scores with him. He used to have access to the Aayaa's house, which had a Black and White TV, and was the sole source for the scores for students in school. I had an amazing kick, If I was the first to know that a Chris Cairns was out or if Sachin had walked to the crease. Those were the days where cricinfo was not there, mobiles were not there, Public telephones in school was only for emergency, and radio's were not allowed in school. Simple unadulterated source of adrenalin :-), knowing the score before a 100 odd kids :-)
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Manoj said...

ur post fills me with nostalgia...unfortunately cudnt attend the school alumni meet...but ur pics kinda make up 4 it...many thanks!!!

umesh said...

man you even use to struggle to keep your self awake during our product meetings at ct...

Anonymous said...

Looks like RR sir always pulls students in!

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