The New Year Bank Account!

Every time, as december 31st nears, most of us, thanks to the media frenzy around us, tend to make castles in air whch we refer to as "New Year Resolutions". Its basically like opening a new bank account after defaulting for payments in the prevous bank. We seem to forget the whole year's sins and absolve ourselves of any bad memories by going for a few minutes into these make believe world called resolutions. I was also one such person, who mildly tried the resolution thingy, only to forget it after having a sumptous lunch on Jan 1st,1997. My resolution was not too watch too much cricket on television, especially Ranji and county cricket matches, as too less time was being invested in studying during school days, but thanks to the burgeoning sports channels of Prime sports(Now Star Sports) and ESPN.

Its 11 years since that resolution, which failed like a rocket launch at its research stage. Now times are different. I have realised, I cant change myself drastically, but small installments regularly can create a habit. So wthout much shame, I start a new bank account called "New Year resolutions 2009"

My resolutions

1) Do lesser things, but do it well. Reduce mediocrity levels from in all activities.(seriously, 80% of the activites that I do, are with 20% interest and remaining 20% of the activties are done with 80% interest level)

2) Keep the house as clean as your mind. Both are indicators of the chaos that's plaguing the mind

3) Get organised by keeping bills and tracking payments carefully. Use the damn Microsoft Excel!

4) Watch 3 movies a week. No better way to understand the way the world and people work.

5) Buy Movies/Books only after extinguishing the current lot that lies piled up in 2 suitcases.

6) Examine the hard discs every month and keep only what might be neccesary. No use keeping something safe when you dont know you have that set of movies/folders at all.

7) Wash 2 sets of clothes a day

8) Mop the floors once a week. Sweep twice a week

9) Start to learn basic cooking, atleast Rasam, Sambhar, Chappati, Dal level

10) Do a weekly research of one new place and jot my targets to visit, if ever I reach there.

11) Read the above 10 for a month and see if the habits are coming along well.

PS: If you thought this was designed for this new year, then the answer is NO. This is what my mind says I should be doing, when think about my life, when I commute to work in the local trains. So there's more than a serious reason to follow this, than just making 'resolutions'.

Thanks for reading the post, and wish you a Happy New Year!


mMS said...

Nice resolution plan I must agree...

Wish your year goes by as planned!

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks for our comments Mitesh!

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