Quick Christmas Getaway to Daman- Part 1

At 8 pm, on December 24th,I was typing away at my office, when suddenly I thought of Daman, a couple of hours later Logi and I were at Dadar, trying to figure out where to go. Vapi in Gujarat, was the nearest rail-head to Daman. The followed a mad rush to Bandra terminus, enroute we discovered that Bandra West was like Beverly Hills, while Bandra East was akin to Bangladesh. We got into the unreserved compartment of the Awadh express which started at 22 40 hrs. We took the upper berth space on the wooden space to seat ourselves. Logi, by his look wasnt quite used to such travelling.

No place to keep my shoes in an overcrowded unreserved compartment, so to have my shoes safe, I had to keep my shoes on the top of the fan, in my line of sight.

So much like Swades! Yeh Jo des hain tera!

In an auto, the next morning. Autos monopolise the mini union territory of Daman. They expect to fit in 6 people inside the auto, and if you are stuck next to a fat Punjabi aunty or a farty Gujju behn, you have no choice to squeeze your frame into the jigsaw puzzle of whatever space is left.
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