the heat seems to have subsided finally in chennai ( only for a couple of days) , as its not going above 35 .
well WI take on india today , i just hope india beats this WI side 5-0 TO COME HOME WITH A RESPECTFUL FACE .
here's some trivia, india's 2 costliest films to date are both being screened at cannes , K3G (unofficial entry) and devdas(official)

What prize does the United Nations award for fair play in sports?
The Pierre de Coubertin Prize

Who was the first Asian athlete to leap over 8 metres in the long jump.He did it at the 1974 Teheran Asian Games.
.TC Yohannan(father of cricketer Tinu)

This words was derived from Greek.It was used for the first leaf glued to any manuscript with an index/list of contents on it.Literally it meant 'First Glue'.Which word?

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