Well 6 gone and one to go as far as my exams are concerned. at this point my state of mind is not very positive as I see that I have literally jeopardized my chances of getting 85+ in this semester due to my¡¨ disorganization¡¨ , but in the bargain , the performance this time is definitely better than 3rd sem ( forgetful memories) as all exams have decently and comprehensively passed the corridor of uncertainty which was plaguing me last time. I guess my marks would linger around 75 -80 in overall and I would be doubly happy if i could sneak in 80 but all that is subject to the internals put for me by the gang of ruffians and rascals( ¡§collective noun for the teachers in my department¡¨). I guess a little more organized and well directed efforts would see me bail out of trouble . BBC mastermind quiz was quite easy in the sense that I answered around 20 right out of 50 , but I guess I could have answered more if I had brushed up on my general knowledge. I guess I have to take stock comparing myself with the top fellow students all across our nation( may sound a bit far-fetched now, buts dats reality) contemporaries as to where I stand in excellence in activities like mock interviews, QUIZZING OF COURSE, programming and debugging contests and of course the 4 big exams that I wil be sitting down soon after 2003 World cup.( GRE,GMAT,TOEFL,CAT). All that and more in this 1 month of holidays sitting in this city( Chennai of course) of 3 seasons¡Xhot , hotter, hottest . from now onward my site will feature a quote, anecdote and a small quiz .so lets get started to end my diary!!!!

1 if you want to be beautiful spend a minute before the mirror, 5 minutes before tour soul and 15 minutes before god.
2 We are born with our eyes closed and our mouths open , and we spend whole of our lives trying to reverse that mistake of nature

1 Name the first Indian actress who featured on TIME magazine's cover.

. Japan hosted the first Olympic Games in Asia on Oct 1, 1964. What did they introduce to commemorate the event?
1 no its not Malaika arora !!! it was parveen babi( she was india¡¦s answer to Pamela Anderson!!!)
2 the bullet train
so I sign off on a quizzing note . I guess many of us would have loved peeping into the daily lives and routines of the famous ( say bill gates,sachin¡K¡K)
here is a wonderful opportunity to take a peep into the life of 1 to- be ¡Vgreat person!!!!(who else , but me!!!!!!!!!!!!!). try visiting this site thrice a week to see my crap on cyberspace .

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