I wish I locate an igloo at baazee.com , to trade my position in chennai with the cool-environs of Antarctica or the alps ,as the mercury dips to unmanageable levels to compete with Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, to go on to prove that Chennai can do better !!!
So I hardly have any appointments outside in this blazing sun, resigning myself to sleeping, reading and idiot-box¡¦ing ( watching TV). I have set upon myself a few quizzical tasks and at the same time master strousstrups invention ( c++) .
I currently am contemplating on a short getaway to ooty to beat the heat , but I guess I would have to miss KNPH on setmax at 9 pm and a couple of deciding onedayers on june 1st and 2nd. India with its current form does not inspire me so much to watch them especially after their meek surrender early this morning ( 237/7 chasing 408).
My collections of quiz questions are going bananas with the amount I have collected over a period of time(!!!!). so all¡¦s well before july for my sharpening my quizzical instincts .
Saw an e-group of quiz foundation in india having operations mainly in Chennai , so waiting to see if they have accepted my application for a member.
Here are questions for this biweekly quiz

Q -1 Disderi, a Parisian, invented a four lens camera and patented it in 1854. What idea did he struck upon to popularise his portraits and photographs of the bearers made on the four lens camera ?

Q-2 Which Indian film-maker has a production company named " Stability is a Curse " ?
( clue- think IBM)

Q -3 At the age of nine , BBC hailed him as a child prodigy . He has won awards galore including a UNICEF special award and UN peace medal for the song " Run For Your Life " , which he wrote , composed and performed for the famine victims in Ethiopia a decade ago . He even has a graduate degree in journalism . Identify the person
( as a clue try connecting A famous song in ANAMICA , salil ankola, govinda, and aditi govitrikar)

the answers

Ans 1 „» the idea of visiting card

Ans 2 „» well if u have got the blues out of ur mind it is the guy who produced HYDERABAD BLUES AND ROCKFORD¡XNAGESH KUKOONOR

ANS 3„» . quite a ¡¥heavy clue¡¦ , well if u haven¡¦t cracked it , it is ADNAN SAMI , the worlds fastest keyboard player, who did the number ¡¨kabhie to nazar milao¡¨ along with the above mentioned names . ANAMICA had a famous song ¡§meri bheegi bheegi see¡¨ which connects to ¡§bheegi bheegi raton mein¡¨ from adnans album.

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