yesterday was a field day , with me roaming all over spencer and as my luck would have it it took me 2.5 hrs to reach home (finally at 9:30pm)) after literally pushing for the proverbial inch space in the train betweem mambalam and guindy.
here are some questions which will have u stumped
try thinking hard
. Chandravarman, the son of the Moon God and Hemavathi, was believed
to have founded which dynasty?

The Answer is ... Chandela.

"Keep Young Mentally" was very first article in which magazine?

The Answer is ... Reader's Digest.

. The earthen cups in which tea is served at wayside stations in the
North are called what?

The Answer is ... Khullar.

What is the in-house magazine of SPICMACAY called?

The Answer is ... EYE. In the American film industry what kind of a movie is known as a

The Answer is ... A low budget movie which becomes a big grosser,
like `The Blair Witch Project'.

There is a worldwide movement known as "critical mass" which has
come to India also, like in Pune. What is it about?

The Answer is ... Cycling in cities

. This was a deal struck by an Iyengar with an Iyer way back in the
1880s. What deal?

The Answer is ... The sale of the newspaper "Hindu".

. What is the name given by ghazal singer Hariharan given to his
style of singing? (try connecting it to nagesh kukoonor and cyberabad ! !)

The Answer is ... Urdu Blues.

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