lazyness + overconfidence = bad day at the office

well today we had DBMS exam and since i had read around 6-7 chapters deeply in the study hols , i thought i had an edge over my classmates in terms of knowledge ,so spent the 1/2 day holiday in watching Amisha Patel in Humraaz and the next half dozing but alas all that went in vain today .
i came in the morning with a couple of units to finish off in a relaxed mood , saw most of the guys having a "made easy series" book in their hands and they told me that they had read all the 5 units .I envied them at that stage coz i had put in roughly 30 hours to read DBMS really in depth(even then i finished only 3 units) and here these guys in a matter of hours finished it, thanks to those stupid local 30 pages book.

well that made me tense bcoz , 2 units meant 24 marks and i didnt want to miss out on it , but i still had to do a little revision of what i had previously studied , so here i was -1 hour to go and i had to make a tradeoff between -to be read - and -revise already read- . the next one hour i tried loading my brain with all kinds of stuff and i was literally blank because of my stupid tradeoff , when i went into the hall. it took a lot of time to remember things that i had studied and in the end the exam turned out to be a case of sour grapes for me . i was just not able to think and concentrate and just wrote mechanically what came to mind . out of 80 i guess i will only be able to manage only somewhere between 40-50 ....

a real bad day it was .............. and i am now determined to put this debacle behind my mind and focus strongly on my forthcoming exams .

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