well EXAMOPHOBIA is at it's worst for me . i have this very bad habit of keeping things for the last moment and that really shows in my exam paper !!!! the other exams from no- 3 to 6 have just been ok with no-3 and no-6 giving me nightmares ............ all that matters when it comes to writing the madras university BE exams , is that u have to present it neatly underlining all important points ( no matter what crap is inside- JUST FILL IN THE PAGES) . Well all i can say is that when this is the case most of my college guys make sure they know the subheadings and topics to spin their story in bits and bytes. this is where i lose out, and the difference is a whole 9-10% !!!!

all i can say of exams is that it's 2 weeks of tyranny writing it, 2 months of tyranny waiting for the damn results 2 months of tyranny preparing for it and this cycle repeats twice in a year !!!!!!!!!!!!

1 more enemy to conquer ......... err........ lets say 1 more enemy to visit and make compromises, and then thankfully we break for abt 17 days.
so i guess i shall be back on 31st of oct. till then CIAO
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