HURRAH!!! the labs are all over and this time it went off well . the only lab where I gelt a little uneasy was our mini proj lab , for which luckily the external didnt turn up , as our project on "design of database" was likely to be scrapped bcoz 8 other grps in our colege selected the same project and the External a couple of days back had rejected 2 projects in database because it all had the same concepts.

It was our on HOD who was the examiner and this guy started questioning us in a cynical matter , by just repeatedly asking the same question " IN WHAT WAY IS UR PROJ DIFFERENT" . for that Achut,arun,kishore and myself had to do a mini "ad-zap " where we projected our database proj as the best and why it scored over the others. it sounded like a bitter battle to defame the other grps who did the same proj , but hey , we had to to this coz , other wise we wud have been rejected .

so we had a nice experience in advertising and marketing , before we actually embark upon to pursue a management degree !!!!!

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