yesterday afternoon my parents went out , visting all our relations and it was a kind of mini family get together . I couldnt go coz my classes were there in the evening and since I had already taken a hiatus of abt 5 days for my lab exams , i didnt want to miss any more classes .

My parents called on told me that they wud becoming in late , so I had to fend for myself as far as food was concerned . I had no clue abt what I was going to do . called up a couple of friends and enquired abt recipies and one interesting combination suggested was "apples with chaat masala " , seemed mouth -watering but since all the shops were closed at 9 pm ,i had to do with whatever was left at home.

I had seen my mother making bread toast before , so I switched on the gas And the amateur that I am , I put it in high flame mode and started toasting the bread slices.

Initially the slices took abt 30 secs to toast , but since the heat increased , I didnt notice that and the next slice became as hard as wood , with a highly blackish tinge .
I had toasted abt 5 slices and was smearing chocolate jam on it , just when i noticed that the bread slices were getting toasted in just 10 seconds unlike the previous ones
As i took out the over toasted bread and kept it aside , too much of smoke had emanated in the kitchen , as i was too liberal with the oil and in the next few seconds I felt as I was in an imaginary heaven , with the kitchen filled with smoke thru out . It took some time to drive the smoke out !!!!

so there ended a comical day at the kitchen with 6 slices of over heated bread , being my dinner .

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