Astro funda's daily keep dropping in by mail , and also in the newspapers and mags , but these sunsigns are rather for the week or for that particular day. Just imagine if u had the story of ur life told in an abstract manner right in front of u , and u had to hear something that didnt seem pleasant . then those unpleasant thoughts wud poke one'self for the rest of his life.

It was some time back in my 12th when my parents went to the astro guy in kanchipuram over some job prospects /career move , inwhich by matter of sheer coincidence my horoscope was revealed to me . It said I wud struggle with education unless I worked hard at it . and after that day till now , that kinda still haunts , but i've grown a mature guy in, not beliving these astro lifetime predictions .

i belive that whatever happens in one's life is solely due to his or her actions and unmindful of that they put the blame on stars and sun signs . I have grown to belive that I will fight against my sun signs and prove them wrong .

some astro guy said I might do an MS in USA ., but here I am , strongly trying to refute that by persuing my field of interest "management' . what happens in two months time regarding what I am going to end up is soleley in my hands and not the roadside astro guys or the horoscope chart.

This infact is one of those factors that charges me up that I have the oppurtunity to change my destiny and simply not follow , what is laid out on a parchment paper miles away at kanchipuram.

This article has been stongly inspired by my friend KISHORE'S astro post . looks interesting , but I was probably in the same state of mind as he currently is when i entered college . I certainly am not against what he thinks , but wud prefer If he actually spoke with himself and asked himself where he wud fit in life , rather than relying on astro (urf nadi josiyam)

So if anything plesant on the astro menu comes up on a platter take it by all means , but incase something turns sour , My word aof advice is ask ur heart where it wants to go and try and fight against nature to see thru ur goals , and if still dosent happens then , just sit back and watch life unfold , with the parchment paper in hand !!!!!

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